About Me

A Buddhist that believes we're all interconnected, that feels having compassion for others is of utmost importance.

I don't care what your religious beliefs are, spiritual beliefs, what your race is, if you're an atheist, what your sexual preference is as long as you're not molesting someone, raping somebody, or killing others, my heart goes out to all, seeing I feel we're all interconnected.

Being the Buddhist I am, I believe any kind of killing is wrong, even if it's a small insect, for that creature wants life just as much as we do, and if one gives thought, no matter how big or small, where is the compassion in killing.

I believe harming anyone is wrong, whether it's physically, or even by the words we so decide to choose.

Some people like to pray, which I'm also not against, it's just as a Buddhist, I might have a different way of praying then some.

The other thing, I believe very strongly in is karma and reincarnation, for I believe we're all responsible for the actions we take, this is one of the reasons when I have wronged any sentient being I ask them to forgive me in person if at all possible, if not, my hope is that they'll hear my heart.

Furthermore, I don't believe the story of Adam and Eve, in a so called Creator God, a place called hell where those who are said are damned go for eternal punishment, Satan, nor do I worship a god or goddess.

Nor do I believe man is any more significant than woman, for I believe we're all interconnected and that no one is better than anyone else.