Sunday, March 12, 2017

My Thoughts and George Carlin on Religion

For me as a Buddhist I don't feel Buddhism is a religion, even though some may disagree, I just try to follow Buddha's teachings to the best I can even though I'm this flawed person I am.  Furthermore . . . I want to emphasize, I don't dislike anyone; my heart goes out to all sentient beings no matter what they've chosen to believe . . . or who they are.

In this video below George Carlin talks about God's "divine plan" which I cannot help but to think about my prior post . . . Fortune

 If you're unable to view this video, click here.

For me there is no "divine plan" all I have is the karma I do within each moment I'm in.

Peace to all,



  1. If there is a divine plan (which I doubt) it isn't been adhered to.
    Peace to you and yours.