Thursday, March 2, 2017

I'm Getting Sick and Tired

I'm getting sick and tired of being around people who keep preaching to me about their God and their liberator Jesus Christ, in telling me I must believe as they do if I want eternal life so I won't be sent to a lake of burning torment for all of eternity.  If this is what they believe, SO BE IT, but take your CONCERN off of me, for their God didn't create me, nor did this Jesus they call Christ shed His blood for me.

Those who have accepted God as their Creator and believe His Son Jesus Christ is their savior, I have nothing against them for what they've chosen to believe, but stop pushing your beliefs on me.


  1. RAMEN, bro! nothing worse than a pushy xstain!

  2. Hear, hear.
    Have you ever had an atheist knock on your door or stop you in the street to tell you that their way is the only way? No? Me neither.
    And indeed Christianity is the only faith I am aware of that is so pushy...

  3. Agreed. To each their own but I prefer to mind my own business so I expect the same of others as well.