Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I don't care what your religious beliefs are, spiritual beliefs, what your race is, if you're an atheist, what your sexual preference is as long as you're not molesting someone, raping somebody, or killing others, my heart goes out to all, seeing I feel we're all interconnected.

Being the Buddhist I am, I believe any kind of killing is wrong, even if it's a small insect, for that creature wants life just as much as we do, and if one gives thought, no matter how big or small, where is the compassion in killing.

I believe harming anyone is wrong, whether it's physically, or even by the words we so decide to choose.

Some people like to pray, which I'm also not against, it's just as a Buddhist, I might have a different way of praying then some.

The other thing, I believe very strongly in is karma and reincarnation, for I believe we're all responsible for the actions we take, this is one of the reasons when I have wronged any sentient being I ask them to forgive me in person if at all possible, if not, my hope is that they'll hear my heart.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

My Buddhist Altar and More

In an earlier post I made an Announcement where I mentioned the way I used to be.  If you'd like to read more, just click on the underlined link above.

Then in my post . . . What Is It, I mentioned about the object you see to your left, which you can also read more about at this link above.

If you have hate and anger bottled up inside, please rid yourselves from this, changing to having compassion for all sentient beings, even those who have wronged you, for it's not worth harming yourselves with such hate and anger my friends, or anyone else for that matter.

~ Lon Anderson

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What Is It

Today my wife and I walked to pay our phone bill, on our way back, I saw this object partially sticking out of the ground in our yard that I've seen before, that seems to keep calling out to me, that's about a foot in diameter that's really heavy.  I told my wife I have to dig it out, for it has been calling out to me for quite some time now, I don't know what it is but, I suspect I'll find out soon.

What do you think it is?

Be patient in all things, have a peaceful and happy holiday, and mindful in each moment you're in my friends,


Sunday, November 20, 2016


I used to hate certain individuals that wronged me along with much anger inside but, not anymore, for I came to the conclusion that such animosity wasn't only creating havoc on others but, perhaps hurting me most of all.  Instead of feeling this ill will for others now, I don't, my heart goes out to all people in hopes they'll become free like I have, ridding themselves from such hate and anger.  I feel compassion for others is of great importance, for I believe we're all interconnected.  I'm no better than anyone, for I have wronged people as well, which I now truly regret but, all I can do is try my best to become a better person for all those around me and far.

I wish you all much happiness,


Friday, November 18, 2016

Few Mornings Ago and More

A few mornings ago here in Minneapolis Minnesota was a beautiful sunny day.

My wife was out raking, sweeping, and picking up garbage from the corner of our block down to our house, all morning long.

After shaving my head, I decided to join her in helping her clean up some of the trash, and sweep.

Talk about feeling good, that cool morning breeze and sun felt so invigorating.  It amazes me how different I feel just by having a shaved head when being outdoors.

I found my helping her, and the environment, very meditative.

There's something about being out in the sun among trees that I find very comforting.

I've learned some of the simplest things in life are the grandest of all.

I'm not here to preach to anyone, that's not my cup of tea, nor do I discriminate against anyone for what they've chosen for their religion or spiritual beliefs, even though my beliefs may differ from some.

I believe we're all interconnected; therefore my heart goes out to all sentient beings.

Now for a video I found, which you may or may not like, but for me, I really enjoyed this talk by Thich nu Tinh Quang.